Jessica T Culver

Certified Natural Health Professional
& Certified Lyme Specialist

At New Road, you will find compassionate, personal health coaching and resources specially designed to fit your unique needs. Discover a healthier life from the comfort of your home with private virtual consultations, specializing in clients with Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses.

Your body was masterfully created to heal. Start your New Road journey today and rediscover your natural vitality!

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Meet the Coach

While other grade schoolers were exploring their first chapter books, Jessica was busy sneaking titles like The ABC HerbalPrescription for Nutritional Healing, and even The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy from her mother’s bookshelf. This lifelong fascination with natural health would be invaluable when she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease at age 26 and took responsibility for her own healing.

Jessica’s journey of trial and error through the intricacies of chronic illness taught her determination, patience, compassion, and hope. She believes in the body’s God-given ability to heal and desires to use the knowledge she has gained to help others live whole and fulfilled lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Jessica Smith, CNHP